The Demise of the "Digital Divide" with AI Empowering All as Programmers

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The Demise of the "Digital Divide" with AI Empowering All as Programmers
The Demise of the "Digital Divide" with AI Empowering All as Programmers

Jensen Huang, CEO of American multinational technology company Nvidia Corp stated on Monday that artificial intelligence has made it possible for anyone to be a computer programmer simply by speaking to the computer, thus eliminating the "digital divide."

Nvidia has experienced a significant rise and is now the most valuable publicly listed semiconductor company worldwide. It supplies chips and computing systems for artificial intelligence.

Last week, the company projected second-quarter revenue that exceeded Wall Street estimates by over 50%. Additionally, Nvidia announced plans to increase its supply to meet the escalating demand for its artificial intelligence chips, which power services like ChatGPT.

During his speech at the Computex forum in Taipei, Huang addressed a large audience, discussing how AI is leading a computing revolution. He occasionally interspersed his speech with Mandarin and Taiwanese, delighting the crowd.

Huang expressed, "There's no doubt that we are in a new computing era." He emphasised that with each new computing era, previously unattainable tasks become achievable, and artificial intelligence exemplifies this progress.

According to Huang, "The barrier to programming is now shallow. We have bridged the digital divide. Everyone is now a programmer - all you have to do is communicate with the computer."

He further explained, "The ease of use is the primary reason for its rapid growth. This technology will have an impact on every single industry."

Nvidia's chips have facilitated the integration of human-like chat features into search engines like Bing, benefiting companies like Microsoft Corp.

Huang demonstrated the capabilities of AI, including a program that composed a short pop song praising Nvidia based on just a few instructions.

During the event, he unveiled several new applications, including a partnership with WPP, the world's largest advertising group, to develop generative AI-enabled content for digital advertising.

Nvidia has faced challenges in meeting the demand for its AI chips. Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk, who reportedly has an AI startup in progress, mentioned in an interview last week that obtaining graphics processing units (GPUs) is "considerably harder than obtaining drugs.