Everything you need to know about TeraBlock Rewards

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Everything you need to know about TeraBlock Rewards
Everything you need to know about TeraBlock Rewards

We are incredibly excited to announce TeraBlock Rewards Program, our unique rewards mechanism to incentivise our users for acquiring, utilising and staking TBC.

As we scale up our DeFi ecosystem in 2022, we want to provide users with simple ways to earn crypto through rewards. We believe that one shouldn’t have to be a seasoned crypto trader to grow their portfolio.

TeraBlock will reward its users for staking TBC tokens by giving a minimum 30% APR, redistributing 25% of the total transaction fees collected on its ecosystem and providing upto 40% discount on transaction fees throughout the TeraBlock ecosystem.

What are TeraBlock Rewards?

The users stand to earn rewards in addition to the APR (annual percentage return) accrued from staking their holdings in TeraBlock’s TBC Staking pools. TeraBlock offers multiple rewards to incentivize community members to acquire and retain TBC.

Types of Rewards in TeraBlock Staking

TeraBlock is a community-driven project that encourages the mass adoption of Decentralized finance. TeraBlock Rewards incentivize users to acquire and hold TBC. Here are the different types of rewards available for users participating in TeraBlock’s staking:

Reward 1: TeraBlock Earn

Earn a minimum 30% APR on TBC Staking Pools under the TeraBlock Earn protocol. It will help our community earn a passive income simply by staking their TBC on our trustless and non-custodial staking platform.

Reward 2: TeraBlock Ecosystem Fees Discount

To reward TBC stakers, TeraBlock will provide discounts as much as 40% on transaction fees across the TeraBlock ecosystem. The users will be able to earn rewards in the form of transaction fees discounts based on their total staked TBC amount according to the following structure:

*The above rewards structure is subject to change without prior notice in co-relation to the total staked TBC in the market.

Reward 3: Community Rewards

In addition to the discount on transaction fees, TBC stakers will also earn rewards in payback. 25% of the total fees collected on the TeraBlock ecosystem will be distributed among TeraBlock stakers as loyalty rewards.

Building A Non-Custodial platform to Earn Rewards

Stakers retain complete control over the rewards accumulated from staking their TBC and can also opt-out any time they wish. The rewards are never in possession of any central wallet. They are distributed to users on a pro-rata basis in a transparent manner.

Whether you have a question about our products, features, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Telegram Community Chat.

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